Frequently asked questions

How do you make your products?

"It's not as trashy as you think", at least the end product isn't. The materials for each product have been removed from the ocean, shorelines, and waterways. We then clean, sanitize, and beautify the materials into the items we see here today! We grind down the collected plastics and mold them usings machines we built with our bare hands. (Yeah, we know it's crazy) We collect ghost gear (lost and abandoned fishing gear) and repurpose them into a variety of items.

Where are the donations going?

A portion of our profits go right back into marine protection. While we try to do our part we understand that we can tackle this alone. With each item you purchase your helping the ocean, in more ways than one. Is there a charity you think we should donate to?! Let us know at SalvagedSeas@gmail.com

How can I help?

There are so many ways to help! Some of our favorite ways to make a difference are so simple! + Reduce your single use consumption in favor of Reusable. Nearly all single use items can be replaced with longer lasting and enviromentally friendly alternatives. That Poland Spring bottle? Replace it with a reusable water bottle. Ditch the plastic grocery bags and keep a stack of cute totes in your car so you never forget them. + Recycle Make it a game and see who can create the least trash in your household. The more that goes into the recycling bin the better. + RE-Educate Don't preach... No one sets out to destroy the environment, they may just not no how to protect it. Teach your children, nieces, nephews about the importance of protecting our natural resources. + Make it a party! We love to take our dogs for walks along the beach. When we do we bring a bucket and fill it up! Grab some friends and head to the beach, it's a great way to spend time together and help the environment in the process. Small things like refusing a straw at a restaurant may not seem to make a huge difference, but persistance and commitment add up!

How does all this trash end up in the ocean?

All water ends at the ocean. Streams, rivers, drains on the street... all end in the ocean. A bottle on the bank at the top of the Mississippi River can end up in the Gulf of Mexico. That trash that flew out of the back of the pickup truck driving in front of you? Down the drain and to the ocean. It's so important to know that just because your landlocked doesn't mean the debris around you doesn't have an effect.